Law enforcement officers, judges, prosecutors, come out in favor of California marijuana legalization effort

A group of former police officers, prosecutors and judges became the latest group to support legalizing marijuana in California when they gave Proposition 19 the peace sign this week, according to the Associated Press.

Our Los Angeles marijuana dispensary attorneys continue to watch the progress of Proposition 19, though we remain concerned about its practical application in cities like Los Angeles, which has been unable to refrain from attacking its legal medical marijuana industry despite state law. We believe the incredibly poor administration of the city’s marijuana ordinance, which is forcing the closure of nearly 500 marijuana collectives, will ultimately be addressed in court. But it remains to be seen what city leaders will do should marijuana become legal. Their current and past track record certainly leave it far from certain that they will respect the law.
And, as we reported earlier this week on our Marijuana Lawyer Blog, the Drug Enforcement Administration is pushing the federal government to take action against the state’s marijuana industry should Proposition 19 pass into law. Our Los Angeles marijuana dispensary lawyers believe there is strength in numbers and encourage you to prepare for a long fight to protect your rights. We encourage business owners to call now to set up a consultation and join the fight.

The career law enforcement and criminal justice professionals said they were supporting the measure to take the power out of the hands of drug cartels and to reduce the burden on the state’s court system. Former LAPD Deputy Chief Stephen Downing said the nation’s drug policy has failed — comparing it to cutting off one leg of a spider.

California’s Proposition 19 is on the fall ballot and would permit adults to possess up to one ounce of marijuana. Local governments would be permitted to generate tax revenue by taxing its sale.

Not Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca though — he has vowed to lead the fight against Proposition 19. As we reported at CANNABIS LAW GROUP, the sheriff is even blaming dispensaries for being crime victims.

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