Long Beach marijuana dispensary law cited as both absurd and not absurd enough

Despite having what medical marijuana advocates are calling one of the most prohibitive ordinances in California, three Long Beach city council politicians are calling for tougher restrictions, the Press-Telegram reports.

Our Long Beach medical marijuana defense lawyers continue to report on the antics of amateur city and county politicians, who continue to insist upon jumping into the debate — as if their cities don’t have more pressing problems. Most of these ordinances clearly violate the rights of dispensaries and patients under state law and we believe they will ultimately be defeated by those willing to fight for their rights. The politicians, on the other hand, are apparently hoping the vast majority will just allow themselves to be blindly trampled.
The Long Beach law is attempting to require marijuana cultivation occur within the city limits. Yet it also limits activities near residential areas, near schools, or within 1,000 feet of other dispensaries or growing operations.

Now several members want to restrict collectives from locating within 1,000 feet of parks, libraries or child-care centers, to restrict cultivation to industrial zones and to restrict the number of collectives permitted citywide to 18.

The proposed changes would force the closure of many of the 32 Long Beach collectives. Council members are meeting in closed-door session with city attorneys to discuss the legal ramifications of their actions.

The basic problem is that they are likely to act anyway — even part of the problems with the ordinance in Los Angeles is that council has too often not followed the advice of its own attorneys, thereby opening the city up to millions in legal fees for little purpose other than political grandstanding.

Watchers say the Long Beach law is unusual in requiring that the marijuana be grown within the city limits.
Safe Access identifies 139 cities and 9 counties that have enacted laws banning marijuana. Another 103 cities and 15 counties have passed temporary moratoriums on collectives.

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