Medical marijuana commerical makes history with airing in Sacramento

The fight for medical marijuana rights is hitting the airwaves, Time Magazine reports.

The first-ever commercial aired on a Fox channel in Sacramento. The ad defies stereotypes by featuring a pretty young woman suffering from bone disease and a middle-aged woman who was hit by a drunk driver. Meanwhile, some parents are busy worrying about the commercial’s impact on children. Do these same children have access to the Internet? Do they ever look at a newspaper or watch the evening news?
Our Los Angeles medical marijuana lawyers continue to fight for the rights of medical marijuana patients, collectives and growers. The industry is currently under attack by a patchwork of local laws that we believe will ultimately fail to prevail against the wishes of patients and the laws of the State of California.

Cannabis is now legal for medicinal use in 14 states and is not going away. It is a proven pain killer and its advertising is just as legal as that of any prescription medication. These same parents are not hollering about Viagra commercials. And, should marijuana become legal in November, it will be another sign that it is time for the small but vocal crowd of reactionary voices to jerk their heads out of the sand before they suffocate themselves.

While Time claims that laws specifically prohibiting marijuana ads would be unlikely, we are not so sure. That is precisely what anti-dispensary ordinances do — single out one legal drug for sanctions. The fact that cigarette commercials are illegal is a prime example. Our marijuana dispensary attorneys in Los Angeles have no doubt that local and state lawmakers could busy themselves with such an issue rather than tackling the real needs of the state.

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