Medical marijuana dispensaries await judge’s ruling on Los Angeles city ordinance

A month after our Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensary lawyers argued the legality of the city’s ordinance before a judge, we await the ruling along with hundreds of legitimate medical marijuana businesses and thousands of patients.

We reported on our Marijuana Lawyer Blog that the judge had been scheduled to issue a ruling on Nov. 29. He is legally obligated to do so within 60 days of the Nov. 5 hearing.
One way or another, our CANNABIS LAW GROUP attorneys and the collectives we represent, will begin the New Year with a better understanding of the legal fight ahead. We strongly believe state law protects these legally operating businesses and that the city ordinance violates their rights.

The city ordinance would shut down the vast majority of the 500 medical marijuana dispensaries operating within the City of Los Angeles. Should the judge strike down the ordinance, the city has indicated it will start from scratch in an attempt to get a new ordinance approved.

The city recently amended a portion of the ordinance that required the same management be in place as when the dispensaries applied for a city permit. It also provided another 6 months for compliance. The initial deadline at the start of December could not be met because the city’s administrative process is in shambles.

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