Riverside’s fight against medical marijuana dispensaries includes suing banks, property owners, mortgage holders

Efforts by the City of Riverside have led to the closure of some marijuana dispensaries while other businesses are fighting to remain open and serve the patients who rely upon them, the Press-Enterprise reported.

Our Riverside marijuana dispensary defense attorneys are representing more than a dozen dispensaries and collectives in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. As we reported recently on our Marijuana Lawyer Blog, several recent court victories in Los Angeles and Anaheim continue to show that victory over these local ordinances is possible for those businesses and individuals who are willing to fight for their rights.
A Riverside County Superior Court judge ruled last month that the city can use zoning to ban pot dispensaries. However, he delayed enacting an injunction so that operators could appeal the ruling.

The city’s attorney has filed seven injunctions seeking to close dispensaries. Two other injunctions are in the works. The city is also publicizing the legal actions in an effort to force dispensaries to close without a fight. The CANNABIS LAW GROUP believes there is strength and numbers and offers confidential consultations to marijuana businesses and patients who wish to discuss their rights.

So far, Riverside’s actions are believed to have forced closure of 7 of the city’s 12 dispensaries. Supporters continue to argue that, while cities may be able to regulate dispensaries via zoning, state law prohibits the businesses from being banned entirely.

One dispensary, Riverside Caregivers, said it has changed its name in an effort to avoid harassment from the city and is fighting to stay open and to help dozens of marijuana patients, many of whom are in their 60s.

The city attorney’s office claims residents typically tip it off to the location of dispensaries. But some are questioning the city’s tactics after court filings show named defendants include banks and property owners.

Los Angeles and Orange counties have recently enacted bans in unincorporated areas and Riverside is considering similar legislation.

The CANNABIS LAW GROUP is representing more than a dozen dispensaries in lawsuits over local city and county ordinances in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. Call 949-375-4734 for a confidential consultation to discuss your rights.

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