San Bernardino medical marijuana dispensary owners propose their own regulations

You want to know what will work when it comes to regulating medical marijuana dispensaries in San Bernardino and Los Angeles?

Ask them.
The Crestline Courier-News reports that dispensary operators have consulted with an attorney and drafted an ordinance that would tax, license and regulate the distribution of cannabis to those patients who should have it. Despite the contentions of some in law enforcement and city politics, our San Bernardino medical marijuana defense lawyers know most dispensary owners would be happy to comply with a set of acceptable rules and guidelines.

Most would go out of their way to help ensure an elimination or drastic reduction of the negative issues associated with the sale of medical marijuana in California. Unfortunately, politicians who know next to nothing about next to nothing, have gone out of their way to violate state law, overstep their bounds, and create draconian ordinances with little or no ability to resolve the issues.

The proposal by the pot shops would:

-Restrict location to commercial areas no closer than 750 feet from sensitive areas like daycare centers and schools.

-Keep collectives at least 1,000 feet apart.

-Provides for safe operational guidelines, including cameras, no excess cash, limited hours of operation, and a detailed security plan.

-A 1.8 percent tax on sales.

The letter said the lack of reasonable regulations has created a lost opportunity for additional public funds while providing safe places for the delivery of cannabis to patients.

Meanwhile, Dr. Paul Chabot, an activist affiliated with the Coalition for a Drug Free California, said California’s medical marijuana law was “just a tactic of the drug industry” and that there is a “rising tide’ against such laws all across America.

We are not sure what he is talking about. As we have reported on our Marijuana Lawyer Blog, 15 states and the District of Columbia have passed medical marijuana laws since California did so in 1994.

Four have done so since 2008.

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