San Bernardino set to join four others in banning medical marijuana dispensaries

As the San Bernardino planning commission meets today to consider a ban on medical marijuana dispensaries, the Contra Costa Times reports it would be the fourth Southern California County to do so.

Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange counties have all moved to ban dispensaries in unincorporated areas. As our San Bernardino marijuana dispensary lawyers have reported on our Marijuana Lawyer Blog, the county has been losing the fight against state law for more than a decade.
Recent court decisions have trended in favor of medical marijuana dispensaries, patients and collectives. Those who are fighting for their legal rights can expect the best chances of surviving the onslaught of local legislative action that flies directly in the face of state law.

Of the 24 incorporated areas in San Bernardino County, 19 have passed bans, four have moratoriums and Chino Hills is attempting to ban medical marijuana through an ordinance against breaking federal law. The San Bernardino sheriff alleges crime has increased in areas that have permitted medical marijuana dispensaries.

As we reported previously, the California Department of Justice reports crime rates have fallen by approximately 50 percent in the last two decades.

Meanwhile, collectives continue to ask for simple and basic protection of their rights: A local ordinance they can comply with while operating legally under state law.

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