Patients and shop owners rally at city hall against Los Angeles medical marijuana ordinance

Sellers and patients rallied at City Hall after the Los Angeles medical marijuana ordinance threatens to close all but about 50 of the city’s legally operating dispensaries, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Our Los Angeles dispensary attorneys reported on our Marijuana Lawyer Blog earlier this month that only 41 dispensaries have passed muster and would be allowed to remain open. More than 500 were operating when the ordinance went into effect on June 7. Even the city had planned to leave about 140 operating — the number is so low that it would trigger a lottery system so that a minimum of 70 shops could operate in the city.
Under threat of dozens of lawsuit, some of which have been filed by the CANNABIS LAW GROUP, the city has returned to court to ask a judge to approve its plan to close so many businesses that are legally operating under state law.

About 80 operators and advocates rallied at city hall asking council to intervene.

One of the primary issues forcing the closure of dispensaries is a clause requiring the same management. So that even a change in personnel, such as hiring or firing a manager, could force a business’ closure.

One patient with a Jack Russell service animal said the ordinance restricts patients to one dispensary and her collective had been declared ineligible because of a change in management.

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