Senate to Vote on Medical Marijuana Employment Discrimination Law

The State Senators of California were called to debate a possible new law last week, Senate Bill 129. This bill would restrict the ability of an employer to fire an employee, or to discriminate against the hiring of future employees, because of legal medical marijuana use. This law would not allow patients to use the drug on the clock or on their work site. This saves an employee from job stress relating to possession and cultivation of medical marijuana in Los Angeles and elsewhere across the state, according to The 420 Times.

The Americans for Safe Access are currently sponsoring Senators Mark Leno’s (D-SF) bill as they believe that every medical marijuana patient is entitled to the same rights and those that protect an employee from being dismissed from the workplace simply because they use other prescription drugs.

We understand that the industry, doctors and patients continue to face a daily battle against the government and their idea of effectively regulating the industry. Our Los Angeles medical marijuana lawyers can not overlook the fact that patients, doctors and dispensary owners and employees face a laundry list of threats and restrictions day after day. If your are currently facing charges related to the use of medical marijuana, you are urged to contact an experienced attorney to help you right for your rights.

The new bill will protect patients who have been approved by a doctor to use medical marijuana. Patients will not be allowed to use the medical cannabis at their workplace or during their work shift. This Senate Bill would simply provide the same protection and rights that users of prescriptions drugs possess.

With this bill active, a worker would have the right to institute and prosecute a civil action for damages, reasonable attorney fees and costs and injunctive relief if they have suffered from any sort of discrimination in the violations of the bill.

Advocates for the legal use of medical marijuana oftentimes remind supporters of the drug that activism isn’t always protesting, sign-waving or marching, but sometimes the most effective way to induce change is to contact our California leaders with a phone call, a letter or an email.

ASA’s Online Action Center has provided medical marijuana advocates with this Senate Bill 129 support template to help effectively communicate with California leaders. Their website also allows you to enter in your specific zip code to help ensure that the letter gets to the right recipient.

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