Los Angeles medical marijuana lawyers applaud decision by Veteran Affairs to permit patient use

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs is changing a rule that penalizes veterans for using medical marijuana in the 14 states where it is legal to do so, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Our Los Angeles medical marijuana defense lawyers are encouraged by the news and are glad our veterans will be permitted to utilize a legal form of treatment that is available to the civilian population. While on the face of it there is little to celebrate in a move by the government to permit patients to use a natural legal remedy, the move is an important decision when it comes to the federal government’s view of medical marijuana.

As we reported on our Marijuana Lawyer Blog, the federal government’s view of state marijuana laws will be of increasing importance moving forward. Should marijuana become legal in California under Proposition 19, it will still remain illegal under federal law.

The change, which had been sought by veteran groups, will prevent veterans from losing government benefits for using medical marijuana in states that permit it by law. The new rule does not permit medical marijuana to be prescribed by VA physicians, or for it to be used in VA hospitals or for it to be paid for using VA benefits.

“Although patients participating in state medical marijuana programs must not be denied VHA services, modifications may need to be made in their treatment plans,” the VA said. “Decisions to modify treatment plans in those situations are best made by individual providers in partnership with their patients.”

The Department of Veteran Affairs said medical conditions for which medical marijuana is commonly used include glaucoma, chemotherapy-induced nausea, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and chronic pain. Medical marijuana is now legal in 14 states, including Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington.

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