Wildomar could join Palm Springs in permitting marijuana dispensaries in Riverside County

Twenty medical marijuana dispensaries in Wildomar have filed applications since city leaders first discussed lifting a ban on the businesses, the Press Enterprise reported.

Our Riverside marijuana dispensary lawyers are dedicated to fighting for the rights of medical marijuana collectives, growers and patients. We believe these bans are a temporary obstacle thrown up by reactionary governments. State law, and the eventual legalization of marijuana (whether or not Proposition 19 passes in November) means fighting local ordinances is the best way to ensure your business survives and prospers. Our Los Angeles dispensary defense attorneys represent more than a dozen marijuana collectives in Southern California and we believe there is strength in numbers when it comes to fighting local ordinances.

Wildomar has received 20 applications in the four months since it voted to draft and ordinance making it the second city in Riverside County to allow medical marijuana dispensaries. Palm Springs also allows the legal businesses to operate in compliance with state law. Applicants include residents from Wildomar, Murrieta, Riverside, north San Diego County and Los Angeles.

The ban on dispensaries has been in place since the city incorporated in 2000. The city council is expected to revisit the issue next month.

Several former owners of Los Angeles collectives, which were forced to close when Los Angeles enacted a ban on June 7, have applied for permits in Wildomar and are shopping for homes. The owner of a delivery service has rented office space in Temecula.

One establishment is planning a dispensary and health and wellness operation that would also provide acupuncture and chiropractic services.

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