Presidential Candidates’ Speak On Marijuana Legalization

We are in the midst of one of the most heated primary contests in U.S. history. We have seen protesters shutting down Donald Trump rallies, and even tension between the supporters of the respective Democratic candidates. While it seems like nobody is willing to agree on anything this year, according to a recent news feature from attn, all of the presidential candidates seem to be okay with marijuana legalization. This is very important for the industry and the patients.

whiwhitehouse.jpgThe reason this is such as important issues is because even though more than half the county has legalized either medical marijuana or recreational marijuana, it is still a federal crime to possess any amount of marijuana.

When medical marijuana first became legal in California in 1996, it was basically the wild west. People were growing cannabis in collectives, which had become legal under state law, and were still being busted by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and other federal authorities. The United States Treasury Department was going after people who were putting the proceeds of medical marijuana business in traditional FDIC-insured bank accounts, and patients were being arrested for using medicine recommended by their doctors.

The reason it was, and still is illegal, is because marijuana is listed on Schedule One of the United States Controlled Substances Act of 1970 (USCSA). This the law that makes marijuana illegal, lists it as more addictive and dangerous than heroin, and states that it has no accepted medical use. Despite this being absurd in every way, and not based upon science, Congress has still been unwilling to remove or reschedule marijuana.

The reason it is much safer to distribute or sell medical marijuana today is because the current presidential administration has said that it will not make the enforcement of marijuana laws in states that choose to legalize marijuana. While this has obviously been a huge help to those in the medical cannabis business in Los Angeles, there is going to be huge problem if the next president chooses to make marijuana enforcement a priority.

Many people are currently talking about how the president who chooses the next Supreme Court Justice will be able to shape the country for decades, and the president also has an opportunity to shape the future of medical marijuana legalization in the United States.

Fortunately, it seems that both sides are okay, and even somewhat supportive of legalization of medical marijuana. As is the case with most Republicans, they do not seem to willing to come out and support legalization, but have equated the issues with states’ rights, which comes from the 10th Amendment. This allows states to make laws for issues that only affect the residents in the state.

On the other hand, many Democrats are obviously more liberal when it comes to medical marijuana or marijuana legalization in general and are not as concerned with the states’ rights arguments that are normally made by the GOP.

The only candidate who came out against legalization of medical marijuana was Senator Marco Rubio, but he has since dropped out of the race.

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