American Public in favor of legalizing marijuana

A 2013 Field poll revealed that a higher percentage of California voters are in favor of making marijuana legal to purchase and possess.


Our Los Angeles marijuana attorneys know that public opinion is shifting when it comes to marijuana policy in California.

According to the field poll, which is conducted on an annual basis, 47% of respondents were in favor of legalizing marijuana with controls such as age and consumptions limits, similar to alcohol, while another 8% of those that responded were in support of legalizing cannabis without any restrictions at all.

Only thirty-one percent of the individuals who responded to the survey stated that they were in support of maintaining the status quo or making marijuana enforcement even more strict.

In the same poll, 56% of the respondents stated they would vote in favor of a 2014 ballot measured which proposed the legalization of marijuana’s sale, possession, and production within the state.

These results are in stark contrast to the results of the same poll when taken in the year 1969. In the 1969 poll, a mere 13% of respondents claimed they were in favor or would support legalization.

A statewide poll conducted in October of 2013 revealed that an even higher percentage (approximately 65%) of respondents would vote in favor of a proposal which would regulate, tax, and legalize marijuana in California for adults.

The results of the California poll are in line with other polls around the country, including a poll taken in Indiana, where a majority of adults responded that they were in favor of regulating marijuana in the same way alcohol is regulated.

The Indiana poll revealed that almost eighty percent of Indiana residents would support a state tax on the sale of marijuana.

In addition 52% of the poll’s respondents said they were in favor of alcohol regulations that were similar to the regulation of alcohol.

In this survey a total of 45% of respondents were opposed to legalization. Individuals who identified themselves as Democrats voted in favor of regulation at a rate of sixty-four percent, while individuals who identified as Republicans backed regulation at a rate of 49%.

The support for taxing marijuana was much higher with 78% of residents in favor of taxing marijuana in the same way alcohol and cigarettes are taxed.

Under current state law first-time marijuana possession under 30 grams are punishable by up to one full year in jail and subject to a $5,000 fine.

Second and all subsequent offenses are classified as felonies and carry a maximum 3 year jail sentence.

The poll results in both California and Indian reflect the changing landscape and attitudes of the American public toward marijuana legalization.

According to a nationwide Gallup poll taken in October of 2013 a full 58% of Americans are in favor of legalizing marijuana – this percentage represents an all-time high.
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