Beverly Hills to vote on medical marijuana dispensary ban

Beverly Hills is among a growing number of cities that are moving to permanently shut out medical marijuana dispensaries, the L.A. Weekly reported.

Our L.A. medical marijuana dispensary lawyers represent more than a dozen dispensaries and collectives in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. As we reported recently on our Marijuana Lawyer Blog, a number of recent legal decisions favor the dispensaries fighting these ordinances. Those who do not fight, are often not being afforded the same protections.
A proposal to permanently ban medical marijuana dispensaries was proposed this week at the Beverly Hills Planning Commission. The Beverly Hills Courier reports the measure will head to the Beverly Hills City Council for possible approval on Feb. 15.

The city’s temporary ban is set to expire on April 22. No pot shops currently exist in Beverly Hills, though there are plenty on the Green Mile along Pico Boulevard and on South Robertson Boulevard.

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