California Medical Association Supports Medical Marijuana in Riverside and Elsewhere

It’s time to fight back and fight back hard. As the federal government continues its crackdown on medical marijuana in California, the California Medical Association is campaigning for the legalization of marijuana, according to the Los Angeles Times. The California Medical Association is the state’s largest doctor group and supports the use of marijuana as medicine as well as the benefits it provides to deserving patients.
The Association represents about 35,000 physicians around the state. California’s law says that patients can receive medical marijuana through a doctor’s recommendation, but physicians are hesitant to grant the recommendation with the federal government’s recent enforcement against the treatment. Feds are using its power to triumph over the state’s law. While this has been a seemingly never-ending battle, the feds are calling upon all its power to take out the industry.

Our Orange County medical marijuana attorneys understand the threats that are being forced on the industry in the state. For this reason, it is important for all medical marijuana dispensaries to seek the representation of a qualified attorney to stand by you and help to protect your rights in the state of California. In recent federal government enforcement efforts, many dispensaries have been raided even though these operations are deemed legal in the state.

“It is important to note that for-profit, commercial marijuana operations are illegal not only under federal law, but also under California law,” said United States Attorney André Birotte Jr.

The California Medical Association says it recognizes that there are some health risks that can be associated with the treatment, but says the benefits outweigh those consequences.

There are many who are fighting against the call to legalize the treatment, including Robert DuPont, M.D., and a professor at Georgetown Medical School. He says that the call for legalization completely disregards the best interest of the public and its health.

But Dr. Igor Grant of the Center for Medicinal Cannabis at UC San Diego is defending the treatment, saying that there’s plenty of evidence that proves it has a significant medical value. He says it’s not foolproof, but says that it’s efficient in treating a plethora of conditions.

As we’ve recently reported, the U.S. government believes that medical marijuana has virtually no place in medicinal treatments. While President Barack Obama previously supported its use, he and his administration are stopping at nothing to hold strong to its stricter reclassification and to ban the drug throughout the country.

In an effort to cut off the resources of California dispensaries, the federal government is threatening landlords with possible criminal offenses if they don’t shut down these operations.

A recent survey conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California concluded that a majority of Californians support the complete legalization of the product.

The medical marijuana industry is battling against the world to protect a product that has already been deemed legal in the state.

The federal government has already started its mission to fight against dispensaries and landlords in Inland, Riverside and Orange Counties.

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