California Medical Marijuana Dispensary Manager Sentenced to 3 1/2 Years

A number of defendants have been facing charges after a medical marijuana dispensary raid back in 2007. The manager of that dispensary was sentenced to more than three years in prison, according to an Online Medical Marijuana Resource.

The 38-year-old manager of Nature’s Medicinal Inc. pleaded guilty back in January to conspiring to distribute marijuana charges, according to a news release from the Office of U.S. Attorney Benjamin B. Wagner, Eastern District of California.

Our California medical marijuana lawyers recognize that medical marijuana is in fact legal under state law, but understand that federal law classifies the drug as illegal.

The manager faced a maximum sentence of 20 years behind bar. The former owners of the dispensary have yet to go to trial, as their trial date is set for later this year.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are required to follow a long list of rules and regulations, including operating without making a profit.

After seizing $50,000 in cash from the Nature’s Medicinal’s premises, the DEA accused Nature’s Medicinal of doing million of dollars in business each year.

Three others arrested in the raid of Nature Medicinal have already entered guilty pleas to conspiring to distribute marijuana. They have already been sentenced; 2 1/3 years in prison, 1 year in prison and 1 year 8 months in prison.

The two owners of the dispensary have pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute marijuana and have yet to be sentenced.

The same raid that busted those involved at Nature’s Medicinal also shut down every marijuana dispensary in Kern County, many shutting down willingly for fear of being raided. Numerous dispensaries have reappeared since then.

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