Colorado Passes New Law on Edibles

Since Colorado has legalized marijuana for recreational use, legislators, parents, and other residents have voiced complaint regarding marijuana edibles. More attention has been paid to the safety of edibles since two deaths that were potentially linked to pot-based food. Colorado has passed law that will increase the state’s ability to regulate edibles and other concentrated forms of cannabis. The law was signed by Governor John Hickenlooper and requires that any products containing marijuana be clearly labeled and distinguishable from other food products.


Edibles containing marijuana have been a concern as they have been ingested by children. Legislators hope that the new law will improve safety, especially for those who do not intend to eat pot-based products. Our Orange County marijuana attorneys are abreast of legal developments that impact the rights of our clients, as well as growers and users nationwide. In addition to providing strategic advocacy regarding pot-based legal issues, we are informed and aware of cases and trends that may impact California growers, distributors, and marijuana supporters.

According to state representatives, the bill is intended to improve labeling so that even children can tell the difference between ordinary snack foods and potentially harmful substances. A second portion of the bill also limits the amount of marijuana that can be sold to an individual in an edible product. Currently, an ounce of leafy marijuana has the same standards as more powerful forms. Though legalization has had positive results, including increased tax revenues and lower crime rates, some have also blamed recent tragedies on pot use. In March, a man jumped to his death after consuming a marijuana-cookie that had six times the recommended dose. Another man was charged with shooting his wife to death after eating pot-candy. Despite some links made to the marijuana consumption, investigators also suspect that the individuals took other drugs as well.

One of the primary concerns with edibles is ingestion by children. According to reports, one children’s hospital in Colorado has seen a spike in the number of child admissions involving pot-laced edibles. The hospital has reported that since legalization, six children became critically ill after eating pot-laced edibles. Sales of marijuana are expected to hit $2.3 billion in 2014 and the business is expected to grow in Colorado, Washington, California and other states that decide to legalize marijuana for medicinal or recreational use. For advocates, the shift towards legalization is having a positive economic impact, despite some of the early pitfalls.

Those involved in the marijuana business from cultivation, through distribution and use, should be aware of the ever-changing laws in California and nationwide. Staying abreast of evolving marijuana laws can help you protect your rights and avoid potential liabilities. Marijuana remains a growing business with significant opportunities, though current state and federal regulations remain disjointed. Consulting with an experienced attorney can help protect your rights. Marijuana legal advocates are also important to informing the critical regulations and policies that will keep pot accessible for users in California and nationwide.

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