Fresno County attempts to ban outdoor growth of medical marijuana

The City of Fresno and Fresno County are now trying to regulate the legal growth of marijuana outdoors, ABC30 reported.

Our Los Angeles marijuana defense attorneys frequently report on the efforts by local city and county government to regulate the retail sale of medical marijuana through dispensary and collectives. The regulation of its legal growth plays out more frequently throughout the central part of the state.

The proposed rules come in the wake of the shooting of a man who was allegedly stealing marijuana from a private pot garden located behind a secure privacy fence — the culprits drove through the fence with a pickup truck.

Marijuana advocates say the police need to do a better job of protecting a legal crop. Meanwhile, the county ordinance seeks to force the growth of marijuana indoors. City officials were warned about overstepping their bounds and reminded that Proposition 19 could legalize the issue statewide.

It has since been reported that a group of growers is taking the county to court after the emergency ordinance was passed. Instead, of making them safer, the growers say they are now afraid of reporting illegal activity for fear of losing their plants.

Four growers are seeking an injunction in court. County Supervisor Henry Perea told ABC30 News “We’re not saying you can’t grow medical marijuana … we’re just going to regulate how, where and when you can grow it.”

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