Glendale marijuana dispensary moratorium another example of government overreaching

Glendale is expected to extend its ban on medical marijuana dispensaries, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Our Glendale medical marijuana attorneys and Los Angeles marijuana dispensary lawyers continue to fight on behalf of legal businesses and medical marijuana patients throughout Southern California.

The city attorney is set to recommend that city council extend a moratorium for an additional year as they await a court ruling on an Anaheim ban and the results of the legalization issue of the November ballot.

The city attorney noted it’s questionable whether the city will be able to keep such a ban in place — saying there was a “lack of certainty in the ability to ban or heavily regulate marijuana dispensaries.”

However, Mayor Ara Najarian is opposed to allowing the businesses in Glendale.

“A recent double homicide in Los Angeles highlights the point that there is a lot of inappropriate and unsavory activities that go on around those dispensaries,” he said Friday. “They really increase the likelihood of abuse and inappropriate sales.”

The attacks on the shops in Los Angeles came in the wake of an arbitrary ordinance that seeks to close three-quarters of the city’s legal dispensary businesses. The CANNABIS LAW GROUP is representing more than a dozen dispensaries in the Los Angeles area against such unfair and discriminatory ordinances.

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