Los Angeles has among state’s highest percentage of admitted marijuana users

A Sacramento Bee poll found a narrow margin of support for the marijuana legalization measure on the November ballot. The Los Angeles area also had among the highest percentage of admitted pot smokers in the state.

Our Los Angeles marijuana defense attorneys have reported on our Marijuana Lawyer Blog that the vote on Proposition 19 will likely go down to the wire in November.
In the latest poll, 51 percent favored legalization; four percent favored its legalization and use by anyone, while 47 percent favored legalization with strict controls similar to alcohol. Nineteen percent said current laws should be strictly enforced, while 14 percent said new, even tougher laws should be passed.

The remaining 13 percent said the current laws should remain in place but the penalties should be less severe.

In what is perhaps the most recent and comprehensive poll of marijuana use, a near-majority of people admitted to trying marijuana at least once and about 1 in 10 Californians admitted to using marijuana in the last year.

Bay Area: 11.4 percent admitted to smoking pot in the last year.
Los Angeles County: 8.8 percent Northern California: 8.1 percent Southern California: 7.7 percent San Diego/Orange Counties: 4.8 percent
The number of people who admitted to smoking marijuana at least once has doubled, from 28 percent in 1975 to 47 percent this year.

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