High-End Head Shop: New York Luxury Retailer to Launch Line in L.A.

Leaders in luxury are looking to grace their way into marijuana product sales in Los Angeles, with a high-end New York retailer inking a partnership with an upscale cannabis firm to offer a large line of cannabis accessories and “lifestyle products” under the business model concept of a “wellness shop.”luxury marijuana products

Los Angeles marijuana retail attorneys recognize the ways in which this illustrates the many ways in which ancillary companies can break into the bud-tending business. Because marijuana is such a versatile plant – used in everything from medicine for seizures and anxiety to shampoo – we’re likely to see more of these non-traditional dispensaries on the horizon.

These companies need the advice and guidance of a dedicated Los Angeles retail marijuana lawyer to help them navigate the complex legal landscape, ensuring they can offer their products in a way that aligns with state and local regulations – to protect their brand and their assets.

The partnership between Barneys New York with a Los Angeles cannabis company will be called,”The High End,” slated for launch in March. A spokesperson for Barneys noting many customers have made cannabis a part of their lifestyle, and they intend to offer them a range of products that align with that lifestyle – everything from leather ashtrays, gold rolling paper and custom glass blown pipes to grinder necklaces and scent products. Top name designers are going to be launching their own individual creations for sale. Online sales will also be allowed, with white-glove delivery service in California.

Creative New Cannabis Ventures Require Marijuana Business Lawyer Input

Many are entering the California cannabis market with creative new approaches. No matter what your business model or product, it’s imperative to discuss your ideas and business plans with a dedicated Los Angeles marijuana business lawyer. Our attorneys are familiar with every aspect of California cannabis law and the state and local regulations necessary to launch your company. The same goes for businesses ancillary to the cannabis industry. You need to cover your bases – even if your firm isn’t directly involved in cultivation, manufacturing or sale of marijuana products.

Legal marijuana in California is heavily regulated, and protecting your investment necessitates legal compliance with state and local marijuana law.

The Cannabis Law Group in L.A. can assist you with:

  • Cannabis labeling, disclosures and compliance with advertising statutes
  • Structuring plans for financial transactions, including electronic transfers
  • Occupancy and use stipulations
  • Local and state zoning requirements
  • Business use pertaining specifically to cannabis in California
  • State licensing and registration renewals through the California Cannabis Bureau
  • Required ongoing education mandates
  • Evaluation of online sales
  • Taxation and reporting requirements specific to California cannabis businesses

Almost all new businesses need an attorney on consult to ensure they are properly navigating the complex and evolving system of marijuana laws. Legal services are also necessary to protect your firm and ensure you’re poised for success with ongoing compliance. Failure to do so can result in significant fines, penalties and possibly revocation of your license and/or seizures of your assets through civil forfeiture and potentially criminal penalties. Your marijuana business lawyer will actively evaluate and monitor the long list of regulatory obligations handed down by the state and make certain your firm is meeting all criteria.

Because California’s recreational marijuana law is so new and specific to each state – while also conflicting with federal law – it’s necessary to only place your trust in a legal firm with extensive knowledge and experience not only at the federal and state level but specific to your community of operation.

The Los Angeles CANNABIS LAW Group represents growers, dispensaries, collectives, patients and those facing marijuana charges. Call us at 949-375-4734.

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