Judge delays decision on injunctions sought by Los Angeles marijuana dispensary attorneys

A judge has delayed a decision on whether to prevent Los Angeles from enforcing its new medical marijuana ordinance, the L.A. Times reported. The delay leaves hundreds of business owners and patients hopeful, but with an uncertain future.

The Los Angeles marijuana dispensary lawyers at the CANNABIS LAW GROUP represent more than a dozen dispensaries and collectives in L.A. and the surrounding area. Attorneys for the group believe there is strength in numbers and are offering reasonable legal fees to Los Angeles marijuana collectives that wish to fight for their rights.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Anthony Mohr said he believed the city’s ordinance is imperfect, but said he was not certain that the defects violated the rights of collectives ordered to shut down when the ordinance went into effect on June 7.

As we continue to report on our Marijuana Lawyer Blog, the city is attempting to force the closure of three-quarters of the 600 dispensaries operating in Los Angeles. The new ordinance attempts to shut down all legally operating dispensaries established after November 2007 and establishes a host of regulations many older businesses will be unable to meet. Those include restrictions on businesses located near parks, schools or residential areas, as well as change-in-ownership restrictions.

Our Los Angeles dispensary attorneys have requested injunctions on numerous legal grounds and are prepared to seek economic damages if these businesses, which are operating legally under California law and dispensing medical marijuana to patients, are forced to close. We are among the attorneys arguing that the arbitrary date established by the city ordinance violates the due process and equal protection rights of legitimate businesses that would be forced to close.

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