Marijuana delivery services could be targeted by Los Angeles District Attorney

A Claremont California medical marijuana delivery business has ceased operation after an announcement by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office that it would seek to prosecute anyone distributing medical marijuana by home delivery, the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reported.

As our Claremont medical marijuana attorneys and Los Angeles dispensary lawyers recently reported, a number of dispensary businesses forced to close because of local city ordinances are seeking new life as marijuana delivery services.

Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley contends that such delivery services are illegal and violators could face felony drug charges. The CANNABIS LAW GROUP encourages owners of dispensaries or delivery services who are facing harassment or criminal charges to call for a confidential appointment to discuss their rights.

Cooley, who is running for state attorney general, issued the opinion in response to claims that medical marijuana providers in Los Angeles are continuing to serve the needs of patients by providing delivery services. Los Angeles recently passed an ordinance seeking to force the closure of about three-quarters of the city’s medical marijuana dispensaries. The dispensaries were operating legally under California law. The CANNABIS LAW GROUP is currently representing 13 dispensaries in fighting the ordinance.

On such delivery service, called Tasty Licks, was delivering marijuana to patients with a valid medical marijuana identification card and could be up and running again as soon as July, the Daily Bulletin reported. The owner said his business had fewer than 100 customers but began to grow in response to a directive by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. The Justice Department statement was released in October and said that patients and suppliers should not be targeted for federal prosecution in states that allow medical marijuana.

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