Kosher Medical Marijuana for Orthodox Patients Available

There is no question that medical marijuana is big business. In some jurisdictions where medical marijuana is legal, there are no real restrictions on the types of products allowed to be sold. Some areas, like California, have basically every type of medical marijuana product that has ever been produced. If you do not want to smoke marijuana, you don’t have to, as you can get it in liquid form to cook with or vaporize. You can purchase cannabis infused candy such as lollipops or even THC gummy bears.

403_dutch_weed.jpgOn the other hand, there are jurisdictions where you can only get medical marijuana in the form of pills or THC oil. The THC oil can be ingested or used for cooking medical marijuana edibles, as well as other purposes. This oil form has been shown to be incredibly helpful in treating children with seizure disorders after so-called conventional medical treatment has failed. Since you cannot have a child smoking pot, it makes sense to use a few drops of THC oil from an eyedropper. The drops are either placed directly on the patient’s tongue or mixed into a drink.

According to a recent news article from the Times Union, there is now rabbinically approved kosher medical marijuana available for orthodox Jewish patients who need medical marijuana to treat a serious illness. The company is based on the east cost and works with the Orthodox Union, and this is the reason you might see an OU on many kosher products, as they are the industry leaders in the certification of kosher products. They company is having rabbis who work for the Orthodox Union inspect and approve various forms of medical cannabis, including THC oil, vaporizer cartridges, and THC pills. These are only forms of medical marijuana that are allowed to sold in that state, though there could be many more products certified for the Los Angeles medical cannabis market. It has been said the medical marijuana that has been certified will be marked with the OU logo like for other kosher products across the United States.

While the Kosher medical marijuana will obviously allow those who are very religious get the medicine they so gratefully need, it will help make medical marijuana much less taboo with other religious groups, according to the founder of this Kosher certification company. This stigma over medical marijuana has been keeping many very sick people from getting the medicine their doctor is recommending. It is rather interesting that there is often no stigma associated with take a powerful painkiller like Percocet, which is highly addictive and causes drowsiness that can lead to serious car accidents. These opioids, which happen to be lower on the controlled substances list than marijuana, also can cause liver disease, since they are technically toxins to the human body.

The process of certifying the medical cannabis as kosher is the same as with any other food product. Vegetables are considered kosher to start with, so the important aspect of the certification process is if the preparation and handling is done in a kosher manner. The product must not be mixed with anything that is not kosher, and all preparation surfaces must be kept clean. As long as these things are done, the rabbi can certify the product as kosher. This does not mean the rabbi works at the factory full-time, but rather he can inspect the production center at one time, and then do follow up inspections.

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