L.A. Moms Use Pot to Relieve Laundry List of Ailments

A local CBS reporter recently profiled a group of Los Angeles moms who consume medical marijuana on a daily basis as an alternative to a cocktail of powerful prescription medications and painkillers. babykiss.jpg

Los Angeles medical marijuana attorneys know that part of winning over public opinion on the issue is underscoring its normalcy, the fact that it’s, well, kind of boring. Although some are up in arms about the report, saying that a mother’s use of medical cannabis is somehow detrimental to her children, the fact is, this argument has no factual basis.

The moms profiled on the program say that their use of medicinal marijuana actually makes them better parents because they are not consumed with pain or other chronic ailments that might suck up their time and energy away from their kids.

These are women who may take their medication several times a day and still work effectively take their children to soccer practice and attend PTA meetings.

One of those says she has early onset arthritis and anticipates needing surgery at some point in the future. Traditional painkillers, such as Oxycodone or Vicodin, she said, make her foggy and feel unnatural. Plus, they can be powerfully addictive. She says she and her doctor have discussed all the possibilities, and both came to the conclusion that medicinal marijuana was a safer alternative.

In order to avoid exposing her infant daughter to second-hand smoke, she instead chooses to use cannabis oil, which she bakes or infuses into foods like macaroni and cheese. She says really anything made with oil or butter can be instead made with cannabis oil.

Another local mom reports using medical marijuana to alleviate her cancer, chronic pain and asthma. Before she turned to marijuana, she was prescribed 27 different medication. Now, she takes just one, which she chooses to consume in a vaporizer that contains no second-hand smoke. She says she speaks regularly to her teenage daughter about why she takes marijuana, and the difference between using it for medication and abusing it.

While use of marijuana for medical purposes is legal under state law, it is still technically illegal under federal law. Federal authorities in recent months have primarily targeted marijuana dispensaries and facilities for shut down. This inevitably affects medical marijuana patients by limiting their access to medicine. However, patients have also been directly impacted, both by criminal and civil actions across the country – underscoring the need for patients who are facing legal action or who have been discriminated against as a result of their use to seek solid legal counsel.

One example recently was the case of a Michigan man who worked for Wal-Mart. The married father of two was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and cancer and was taking marijuana as prescribed by his doctor. He continued to work as an inventory control manager at the facility, but he was promptly fired after testing positive for marijuana three years ago. Wal-Mart had argued that his use of the drug interfered with the store’s safety policies. Unfortunately, a Michigan appellate court recently agreed. It’s not clear yet whether the man will appeal the case to the state’s federal court.

But as the recent story in Los Angeles shows, the use of medical marijuana is no more an impediment to being a functioning parent, employee and citizen than the use of any other prescribed medication.

If you are facing legal action as the result of your medical marijuana use, we can help.

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