Lake Forest Medical Marijuana Attorneys continue fight on behalf of California marijuana collectives

Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Attorney Damian Nassiri is representing Lake Forest Wellness Center and Collective against the City of Lake Forest, which is attempting to shut down a number of medical marijuana dispensaries.

The dispensary initially requested that all charges be dropped but was forced to file suit in Superior Court in April, where it is suing the city for violating various constitutional rights.

“Our client conducts its business and maintains operations under California’s Compassionate Use Act and the Medical Marijuana Program Act, which legally allows marijuana distribution to qualified patients with a valid doctor’s recommendation,” said Mr. Nassiri, “It’s the City’s officials who have violated our client’s constitutional rights.”

Last fall, Lake Forest issued an open letter to commercial and rental properties, threatening criminal prosecution, fines of $1,000 or more and up to six months in jail against the collectives if landlords did not immediately stop leasing to marijuana dispensaries. Some of the collectives did not comply and the City of Lake Forest filed suit claiming the collectives are a public nuisance that violate several city laws.

A judge issued a preliminary injunction permitting Lake Forest to close the marijuana dispensaries. The city has sued a total of 21 dispensaries since September. But the legal fight is just beginning as our Lake Forrest marijuana defense attorneys continue to fight for the rights of legal marijuana users, growers and distributors.

“I know the subject of marijuana has been a taboo subject for a long time, but it’s a legal business” said Vincent Howard, who represents marijuana collectives throughout the Los Angeles area. “People should be allowed to move forward and open these businesses. It’s not up to the cities to change California law.”

The Lake Forest medical marijuana lawyers at the Cannabis Law Group remain committed to fighting for the rights of marijuana users and dispensaries throughout the State of California. We believe it is going to be essential to fight back against rogue cities that insist upon enacting their own rules and regulations in direct violation of California law.

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