Long Beach set to tax marijuana dispensaries; short-sighted Los Angeles politicians clinging to lack of vision

The City of Long Beach is set to approve a tax of recreational marijuana, should voters approve Proposition 19 on the November ballot, the Press-Telegram reported.

Our Los Angeles dispensary defense lawyers and Long Beach marijuana attorneys continue to report the proactive measures being taken by local city governments even as the antiquated leadership of Los Angeles attempts to close medical marijuana dispensaries. Should marijuana be legalized in November, city and county governments would be permitted to reap millions in tax dollars. However, Los Angeles is presently attempting to drive its legal medical marijuana dispensaries out of business.

Long Beach’s measure would tax medical marijuana dispensaries as well, regardless of whether the legalization initiative passes.

Long Beach is facing a projected budget deficit of $18.5 million and additional deficits are expected in each year through 2014. Under new and existing measures, marijuana collectives in Long Beach would be required to pay $15,742 in permit fees. Many of the collectives believe those fees are excessive and that taxing medical marijuana could keep it from patients in need.

We certainly understand their concerns and don’t believe marijuana collectives or any other legal businesses should be subjected to excessive taxation. But neither do we believe they should be driven out of business by short-sighted politicians who forgo the benefits of tax revenue while targeting legally operating businesses for closure.

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