Signal Hill extends moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries

Signal Hill continues to insist upon banning medical marijuana dispensaries, even as Long Beach prepares to reap the tax benefits of these legally operating businesses.

The Press-Telegram reported that city council has chosen to extend its moratorium against medical marijuana dispensaries in the 2.2 square-mile city.

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City Planner Scott Charney sand Signal Hill is taking a wait-and-see approach. “Given the changes occurring in Long Beach and Los Angeles, and the potential state law changes, the City Council thought it was wise to see how things shake out,” he said.

The moratorium kicks the can down the road, giving the city until next July to “research the effects of medical marijuana dispensaries on other cities.” How many years do city leaders need? We would like to see the results of this research.

The city manager said concerns included people standing outside the businesses smoking and theft form the collectives, which handle significant amounts of cash. So far as we know, you could find both these conditions present at every convenience store in Southern California but we know of no city with plans to ban them.

During the moratorium, several dispensaries opened in Signal Hill without a permit. The city attorney used code enforcement to shut them down. The media reports that city leaders will have to arrive at some sort of decision when the current moratorium extension expires.

Though we are sure that extending it again will always be an option.

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