A Look at Cannabis Wellness Products in Los Angeles

When medical marijuana first became legalized in California around 20 years ago, most people either smoked marijuana, or they would make some basic edibles with THC oil.  There were no vaporizers being sold in many stores throughout the city, nor were there any bottles of THC infused hand cream to help elderly individuals stop shaking associated with an essential tremor.

marijuana budThese days, the medical cannabis industry has a wide range of high-end products to treat all sorts of serious medical conditions. For example, actor Patrick Stewart of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” fame has said that using a medical cannabis spray is the only thing that gets his hands to stop hurting so that he can use them, due his severe arthritis.   A recent news article from the Los Angeles Times looks at the current state of cannabis wellness products for those who are wondering if medical marijuana is right for them.  The article focuses on a two-day event that is designed to show people that medical marijuana is medicine and is not just an excuse for people to get high.

While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cannot recognize cannabis as medicine due to Congress placing marijuana on Schedule I of the U.S. Controlled Substances Act of 1970 (USCSA), many researchers and doctors realize the tremendous power of medical cannabis.  Additionally, even though there is no question that marijuana is medicine, the range of ailments it can help is what people are starting to learn.

As our Orange County medical marijuana attorneys can explain, in addition to the now incredible market for medical cannabis products for humans, there is now a thriving market for medical cannabis products for pets.  While this may seem strange to some at first, when you realize that our pets often suffer from the same conditions as us, like arthritis and glaucoma, when they get older, why wouldn’t we want them to have much relief too?

Another thing discussed is that there are different strains of marijuana that can be used for different purposes.  For example, some strains of medical marijuana will help people who cannot sleep. Others can provide relief from anxiety while giving them energy to face the day.  Some strains will provide relief from pain without any psychoactive effects.  While many people are aware of the differences between the two types of cannabis plants, sativa and indica, these new strains are carefully propagated hybrids with certain medical conditions in mind.  They are also extensively tested in a laboratory setting and with patients to make sure they cause the desired results.

Another area where that have been major changes and developments is in helping women deal with the discomfort often associated with their monthly cycle and other reproductive issues.  Whoopi Goldberg is the co-owner of a business that makes medical marijuana products aimed at this market.  Her products come in a variety of forms, including oils, lotions and skin creams.

While there are many more medical cannabis products on the market than the ones mentioned here, the point is how far we have come from the early days of medical marijuana legalization in California.  As more products come on the market, patients will not only get the help they need, but also will learn about the changing medical marijuana industry.

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