Los Angeles declares marijuana dispensaries illegal … just not too illegal to tax

Currently in litigation with our Los Angeles medical marijuana defense lawyers after having created an arbitrary ordinance in an attempt to close the vast majority of the city’s marijuana dispensaries, the City of Los Angeles has decided it wants tax what is left.

The L.A. Weekly reports that a city councilwoman has proposed a 5 percent tax — or $50 for every $1,000 brought in by dispensaries for pot.
The CANNABIS LAW GROUP currently represents more than a dozen marijuana collectives in the Los Angeles area against a city ordinance that seeks to force the closure of more than 90 percent of the area’s medical marijuana dispensaries.

Now council has voted 9 to 3 to put the tax idea before voters in March. If passed, it will have to be affirmed in a second vote on Nov. 17.

The city’s own attorney told council it was a bad idea and would essentially seek to tax an activity it has already sanctioned as illegal.

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