CANNABIS LAW GROUP makes latest argument against Los Angeles marijuana dispensary ordinance

The CANNABIS LAW GROUP presented the last in a serious of arguments on Wednesday that present a host of legal and constitutional challenges to the City of Los Angeles’ medical marijuana dispensary ordinance.

The judge took the matter into consideration and is scheduled to issue his ruling on Nov. 29.
While our Los Angeles medical marijuana lawyers would never presume to guess how a judge will rule, we believe our arguments were sound, that he listened to many of them, and that he could decide to strike down part or all of the city ordinance that aims to close the vast majority of the city’s 500 medical marijuana dispensaries.

Should the judge strike down the entire ordinance, the city has indicated it will start from scratch in an attempt to get a new ordinance approved. Depending on the ruling, it may also be appealed by either the city or the collectives. In still another scenario, our marijuana dispensary lawyers may be able to come to an agreement with the city that is acceptable to the legally operating businesses we represent.

“At this time, no one knows for sure how the Judge will rule except maybe the judge himself,” said Damian Nassiri, a partner in the CANNABIS LAW GROUP. The group is representing more than a dozen dispensaries and collectives throughout the Los Angeles area.

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