Failure of Proposition 19 highlights need to fight for the rights of medical marijuana patients and dispensaries

The marijuana legalization effort is not going away. But Tuesday’s defeat of Proposition 19 makes the fight against the assault on California’s legal medical marijuana industry all the more urgent.

Our Los Angeles medical marijuana collective attorneys urge anyone with a stake in the fight — whether patient, grower or dispensary — to aggressively stand up for their rights under the laws that have made medical marijuana legal in this state for 15 years. With those laws also under attack, the only defense is an aggressive offense. Unless we let it be known that those who enforce the laws must also obey the laws, then it doesn’t matter how many different ways we legalize marijuana.
The Los Angeles Times reports that supporters of the effort to legalize marijuana in California plan to be back on the ballot in 2012. The measure was defeated 54 percent to 46 percent.

As we have reported before here on our Marijuana Lawyer Blog, the fight would have likely just begun with the passage of Proposition 19.

The federal government could have challenged the law. And even the Los Angeles County Sheriff said he would ignore it and continue to make arrests, apparently for activities that were no longer illegal (yes, good luck with that sheriff).

With the legal medical marijuana industry under attack in Los Angeles, we need to convince the politicians and bureaucrats to obey existing laws before the creation of new ones will ensure the protection of a citizen’s rights.

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