Los Angeles medical marijuana attorneys continue to fight for the rights of dispensaries

While a judge rejected requests for a restraining order to prevent the closure of hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries in the Los Angeles area, a large number of legal challenges remain to the city’s decision to unfairly target just some of the city’s medical marijuana dispensaries.

The Los Angeles medical marijuana lawyers at the Cannabis Law Group represent many of the 64 dispensaries that have filed lawsuits against the city. The ordinance will force the closure of about 450 legal businesses beginning Monday. The group offers reasonable legal fees and urges marijuana dispensaries to join the fight by calling today for a legal consultation.

The Cannabis Law Group has filed suits demanding a jury trial on the issues and claiming the Los Angeles City ordinance violates the California Constitution and a host of basic legal rights, including illegal seizure without just compensation, violation of due process rights, violation of equal protection rights, and invasion of privacy.

We do not believe any city has the right to create laws against legal businesses in direct violation of the laws of California, including the Medical Marijuana Act and the Compassionate Use Act. Additionally, by targeting only marijuana dispensaries that have opened since November 2007, the city’s law is grossly unfair to one set of businesses, while favoring similar businesses with reduced competition and the legal means to remain open.

The Los Angeles city council is severely restricting access to medical marijuana for legitimately ill patients who have a legal right to it under California law. Our lawsuits seek economic damages from the City of Los Angeles for lost revenue arising from each day these legal businesses are forced to remain closed.

While the request for a restraining order to prevent the closure of dispensaries was denied in Superior Court on Friday, the lawsuits remain before the court, including the issue of discrimination of newer dispensaries inherent in the city ordinance. In addition to closing shops opened after November 2007, the city ordinance also prohibits shops from being within 1,000 feet of schools, parks, public gathering places or residential areas. The ordinance is expected to force the closure of about 400 medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles, and leave between 70 and 130 in operation.

Violating the ordinance could result in a $1,000 fine and six month in jail, with daily fines of $2,500 for dispensaries that remain open.

The Los Angeles medical marijuana attorneys at the Cannabis Law Group represent medical marijuana dispensaries throughout Southern California. Call 949-375-4734 for a confidential consultation to discuss your rights.

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