Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensaries to post $350,000 bond in fight against city’s ordinance

Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensaries must post a $350,000 bond after winning an injunction blocking the city from enforcing an ordinance seeking their closure, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Our Los Angeles medical marijuana defense lawyers hail the ruling as a major victory for dispensaries fighting the city’s unfair and arbitrary ordinance. However, the ruling only impacts those dispensaries that have chosen to fight. The CANNABIS LAW GROUP is representing more than a dozen dispensaries and collectives in Los Angeles and the surrounding area and we urge medical marijuana businesses to contact our office for a confidential consultation.
Attorneys for the dispensaries said they expected the bond to be posted. About 50 dispensaries and operators had sought the injunction. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Anthony J. Mohr ruled in their favor last month. He started the year by refusing to issue a stay at the request of the city, which would have prevented the injunction from taking effect. He also refused to provide the city with guidance about how it might rewrite the law.

Meanwhile, the city is spending tax dollars to both appeal the ruling and develop and alternative law. The city had requested the bond amount be set at $1 million, saying closed pot shops are reopening even as new ones have started popping up.

The judge set the bond amount at $348,102.30, based in part on the city’s estimate of police costs and attorney fees.

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