Judge denies city’s requests in fight over Los Angeles medical marijuana ordinance

The city has been denied a stay of the injunction issued against enforcement of its marijuana dispensary ordinance, effectively denying it the ability to enforce its unjust and ill-conceived order to shut down the vast majority of the city’s medical marijuana businesses.

The Los Angeles marijuana dispensary attorneys at The CANNABIS LAW GROUP hail the decision as a big win for the local medical marijuana industry, which is aggressively fighting moves by city council to interrupt these businesses. These shops are operating legally and in accordance with state law. We believe there is strength in number and urge you to join the fight. The judge’s ruling only applies to collectives who are in the fight. Those standing on the sidelines are not afforded the same protections. Our Los Angeles marijuana collectives attorneys currently represent more than a dozen dispensaries and collectives in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. We offer reasonable legal fees and confidential appointments to discuss your rights.
The Los Angeles Times reports the judge ruled key parts of the ordinance unconstitutional and refused to stay his injunction. He also rebuffed the city’s request on how to rewrite the law so that it would pass muster.

Nor should the judge have sanctioned the lunacy being carried out by the amateur politicians on city council, who apparently have found no serious issues facing the city and are content to waste millions of tax dollars to defend an ordinance that is being soundly defeated as unfair, arbitrary and unconstitutional.

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