Los Angeles Sheriff takes suspicious Froot Loops off the street during armed raids

You can rest a little easier this week after our fearless sheriff reported seizing cereal and candy bars laced with marijuana, the Los Angeles Times reported.

As our Los Angeles marijuana dispensary lawyers reported recently on our Marijuana Lawyer Blog, the Los Angeles County Sheriff blamed the dispensaries for being crime victims after a spate of robberies that left several employees dead. To illustrate the disconnect, we have never heard, nor do we know anyone who has ever heard, a law enforcement officer blame an all-night convenience store for a robbery. Even though such stores are probably the most often-hit targets in Southern California.
In this raid, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department arrested 11 people and seized drugs and cash.

The crackdown included dispensaries in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Diego counties and was assisted by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and state tax authorities.

According to the official statement, police found pot-laced crisped rice treats, orange drinks and “cannabis-laced cereal similar to Froot Loops or Apple Jacks.”

No word on whether the dispensaries were operating legally under the state’s medical marijuana law. But, as law enforcement and local politicians continue to act in violation of state law, the CANNABIS LAW GROUP encourages dispensaries and collectives to seek quality legal representation to protect their rights. We believe there is strength in numbers and are currently representing more than a dozen collectives in the Los Angeles area that have been subjected to harassment by local law enforcement or local ordinances.

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