California marijuana legalization effort: Whitman never lets the facts stand in the way of a good story

California gubernatorial candidates Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown sparred over Proposition 19, the marijuana legalization issue. At a recent debate moderated by Tom Brokaw, Whitman said she was opposed to the measure, saying it was also opposed by every single law enforcement officer in the state.

As our Los Angeles marijuana defense lawyers have frequently reported on our Marijuana Lawyer Blog, the initiative has been supported again and again by current and former law enforcement officers, judges, and prosecutors.

“What would happen if tomorrow marijuana were legalized, licensed and controlled by the state,” Brokaw asked. “Because it’s no secret that in this state and across the country people can get it whenever and wherever they want to.”

Whitman said she was firmly opposed.

“Every single law enforcement official in this entire state is against Proposition 19,” Whitman said.

– Here we report on an entire group of law enforcement officers, judges and prosecutors who came out in favor of California’s marijuana legalization initiative.

-Here the Black Police Association voices support for legalized marijuana in California.

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