Medical Marijuana for Pets

While we normally think of medical marijuana for use on human patients, there is actually an increasing demand for medical cannabis products designed for use by pets according to a recent news article from the New York Times.  A woman interviewed for the article discuss how medical marijuana has helped her cat and how she is part of a growing customer base.

cat-1404368-300x240This woman owned a 12-year-old cat that was suffering from severe arthritis.  As anyone who owns an aging pet can tell you, cats and dogs often suffer from arthritis just like humans do and it is hard to watch our beloved animals struggle to get around and go up and down steps.  This cat would spend its time hiding in a closet on a thick layer of blankets provided by its owner as means of dealing with the painful joint condition.

She first heard about medical marijuana for pets at meeting of women who were looking to get involved in the cannabis industry.  It should be noted that our Los Angeles medical marijuana lawyers regularly work with female clients who are becoming an increasingly prominent percentage of this growing industry, which is a welcomed opportunity for many.

While she was first intrigued by the idea, she was concerned that it didn’t seem appropriate for her to get her cat high.  This is an understandable concern, because even though more and more people are willing to do whatever they can to help their pets, this is still a somewhat strange concept for many.  However, as her cat began to spend more time than ever before hiding in the closet, she decided to get a medical marijuana card and purchased a small amount of edible THC oil.  She squirts the oil in her cat’s mouth as a delivery method.

After giving the cat these first doses of cannabis oil, she observed that it started acting like its old self again and was no longer hiding in the closet. She also noticed that the cat was not acting high or falling down or any of the other behaviors that worried her. One reason for this is that these pet products are designed to offer the relief needed for arthritis, but not necessary the euphoric effects normally associated with marijuana use.

In addition to pets with arthritis, medical marijuana is also being used to treat to pets with seizure disorders in the same way it is being used to treat adults and children.  Medical marijuana is also being used to treat pets with anxiety and inflammation.  There are also people using medical marijuana to treat pigs, horses and other domestic farm animals with various veterinary medical conditions.  However, it should be noted that these uses are not approved by veterinarians, but support is increasing as there is more empirical evidence medical marijuana works well for pets.

There are other forms of delivering medical marijuana including chewables made for pets.  This product has been shown help cats that suffer from cataracts in addition to arthritis.

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