New Marijuana DUI Testing Device

As various states deal with the results of a growing waive of marijuana legalization throughout the country, new DUI detection devices are being released to assist law enforcement.


The purpose of these devices is to help police catch individuals who choose to operate motor vehicles under the influence of marijuana.

Our marijuana lawyers in Los Angeles know that the authorities are introducing new technology that is meant to give them the ability to check for impairment on the side of the road.

The new technology recently put into use is a method of swab testing that can be done at Los Angeles Police Department sobriety checkpoints. The swab testing method is portable and will be used alongside breathalyzers at sobriety checkpoints and jails.

The swab testing method is an advantage for law enforcement due to its portability and it allows for immediate testing.

Los Angeles officials plan to step up DUI enforcement and policing due to the increasing prevalence of dispensaries in Los Angeles and the rising use of medicinal marijuana.

Prior to the first implementation of swab testing by the Los Angeles Police Department, it had only been used 50 times. The prosecutors in Los Angeles have also yet to introduce swab test results as evidence in a criminal prosecution – but they very likely will.

According to statistics, the Los Angeles city attorney’s office filed about 600 DUI cases in the past year where drugs were involved.

The swab testing method is far from infallible. Although it can be used on hair, tissues, or body fluids to detect whether a particular drug is present in the system of a tested individual it can also produce false positives.

Like any other medical test, proper administration is a key component. If an operator or tester conducts the test improperly it can produce inaccurate results. Another problem is that certain medications may produce fake positive results.

One of the major problems with the swab testing method is that there is no certification required or even a formal method when testing an individual’s saliva. Without a formal method it is possible that law enforcement will conduct a swab test improperly and receive inaccurate results.

Mouth swab detection periods are relatively fast and range from ten to thirty minutes. This means a result will be produced quickly for law enforcement. However, swab tests are only useful to indicate recent drug usage.

Typically a swab test is capable of indicating the usage of a drug within the last 48 hours but the period of detection and sensitivity will depend on the drug being tested.

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