Pot Brownies Send San Francisco Students to Hospital

Parents, school officials, health care advocates, as well as legislators have pointed to the dangers of edible products when ingested by children and teens. While regulatory changes and some precautions can be taken to keep edibles safe and out of the hands of underage users, there are still health risks in California and nationwide.

According to a recent report, five students from a high school in the San Francisco Bay Area fell seriously ill and were taken to an area hospital after consuming pot brownies brought to school by another student. Two of the students had to be hospitalized after falling unconscious from consuming the brownies.


Police reports indicated that a 17-year-old senior brought and sold the pot brownies on the schoo premises for $3 each or $5 for two. While the students knew that they were “pot brownies” they likely did not know the dosages or that the brownies were a health risk. Our Orange County medical marijuana attorneys are abreast of the legal and safety issues impacting residents of California. In addition to representing marijuana users, dispensary owners, and advocates, we are also concerned with local issues and cases that may impact marijuana law.

According to authorities, the students who fell ill were between the ages of 14 and 16. Two of the students regained consciousness and were reportedly in stable, but serious condition. The other two students suffered from nausea and vomiting and were treated at the school. When school officials and law enforcement authorities were notified, an immediate investigation was performed and the student who brought the drugs was named. That teenager was arrested at the school and charged with selling drugs on a school campus and endangering the lives of children. Authorities have indicated that she is still being held at a juvenile detention center and could face serious penalties if convicted.

Even though marijuana has been decriminalized for medical use, recreational sale and distribution is still illegal. Criminal charges associated with marijuana distribution can be more serious if committed on a school property or if committed as an aggravated offense. While numerous advocates have called for state and national legalization of marijuana, instances of abuse and injury lend strength to the argument that recreational use can be bad for teens and children. California as well as other states are reconsidering their marijuana laws, but have already been wary about the potential medical dangers of edibles and recreational use.

Dispensary owners as well as medical card holders should be wary about the potential of marijuana in the hands of underage users. The risks for teens and children can be harmful, and any individual caught distributing to minors could face serious criminal charges and penalties. If you or someone you love has been investigated and charged with marijuana possession, sale, distribution, trafficking or another related charge, it is important to consult with an experienced advocate as soon as possible. California has decriminalized medical marijuana use, but still delivers severe charges and penalties for those involved with illegal cultivation, sales, possession.

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