Ralphie May busted for medical marijuana after stopping to pet the drug dogs


Comic Ralphie May was detained on a flight from Los Angeles to Guam after petting a pair of drug dogs at a custom’s checkpoint while carrying medical marijuana in his bag, AHN reported.

Okay, it’s funny. And the incident was made laughable by the mild mannered Guam authorities, who permitted May to pay a small fine and continue on to several scheduled performances on the island. But it’s also a reminder that marijuana — medicinal or not — is illegal in much of the rest of the world. Our Los Angeles medical marijuana defense lawyers are often called upon to represent clients who ran afoul of the law, either because they operated outside the bounds of California’s medical marijuana law, or because they ran afoul of federal laws or the laws in another state.

May, who shot to fame as the runner-up on the first season of “Last Comic Standing” in 2003, has a medical marijuana card. He told TMZ that he didn’t realize he had pot in his bag went he went up to pet the drug-sniffing dogs at the custom’s checkpoint. The dog sat down, an indication to the handlers that marijuana is present. Pretty soon, another dog came up and sat beside May.

“I petted that dog, too,” May is quoted as saying. “I was thinking these dogs love me, they can tell I’m a dog person.”

The customs agents let him go on to perform a serious of shows on the island after paying a small fine. They told him they knew he was not trying to smuggle drugs into Guam because nobody would be stupid enough to walk up to the dogs and start petting them.

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