San Diego approves Tough New Rules for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

San Diego, the state’s second-largest city, approved restrictions on medical marijuana dispensaries, barring them from doing business within 600 feet of places of worship, parks, schools and other “sensitive” locations.

As our Los Angeles medical marijuana lawyers reported on our Marijuana Lawyer Blog, proponents had pushed for new pot shops to obtain permits and prove they were nonprofit businesses. This could be particularly problematic because proving non-profit status requires filing with the federal government, which still deems the sale of marijuana illegal under federal law.
SFGate reported council voted 5-2 to enact the ordinance, which will apply to more than 150 existing medical marijuana clinics and pot shops. The initial restrictions called for a 1,000 foot buffer zone, but that was amended to 600 foot.

Critics argued 1,000 foot would push clinics into far flung industrial zones near the U.S. Mexican border. That area is patrolled by federal agents. More than 3,700 people wrote to council, requesting less severe restrictions so that AIDS patients, veterans and other patients could maintain access to medical cannabis.

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