The Marijuana Legalization Debate has Changed Dramatically

Public support for the legalization of marijuana has increased in recent years.


Our Los Angeles marijuana lawyers realize that the discussion over marijuana laws is now a more focused and individualized discussion about the details of legalization and regulation.

Businesses should strive for awareness, and be willing to stand up against those who would pursue action against them.

Along with the increase in support, the type of debate surrounding legalization has changed. No longer are people embattled in culture wars and demonstrations fraught with “freak flags”. Today’s debate over the legalization of marijuana is largely professional, and much smaller than in years past.

Part of the reason for the shift is the significant uptick in the number of individuals in the United States that support legalization. According to a 1969, 12 percent of Americans were in favor of legalization of marijuana. When the same survey was given in 2013 the percentage has jumped to 58.

Marijuana advocates expect that the number will keep to rising as the debate continues and public sediment shifts. Today, there are as many suits involved in the debate as there are “hippies”, which has greatly shifted the way that the legalization debate is recognized by the public, and the White House.

One of the biggest implications the change has caused is that there is a much greater impact on the small businesses within many states. Examples including, California where medical marijuana is legal; and in Colorado where recreational marijuana use is legal.

While the use of marijuana may be legal, states must each have laws governing how it is sold or distributed. There must also be guidelines for businesses looking to incorporate, secure financing, etc. because this is all a new area of business.

California legalized medicinal marijuana almost 20 years ago but the legalization of medical marijuana, does not mean that individual municipalities will not try to prevent distribution. There has already been a number of municipalities which ban the growth and sale of marijuana.

It also does not mean that the continuing debate in Washington will not have some effect on the way that businesses are allowed to conduct themselves.

Ultimately, only time will provide the answer, and in the meantime, businesses in California, such as growers, collectives, and physicians, should stay abreast of the changing times and debate. As this debate changes and marijuana advocates gain influence it remains important to protect the civil rights of marijuana users.

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