FDA Approval Could Change Everything for Medical Marijuana

A major victory in the fight for medical marijuana has finally arrived. Amedical marijuana marijuana-derived drug was recently approved by the FDA, making it the first of its kind. According to Washington Post, Epidiolex is a liquid anti-seizure drug which contains a purified cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive element in marijuana. CBD, as you likely know it as, only contains trace amounts of THC and does not create the “high” that so many marijuana naysayers point to as the defense for their outdated thinking.

CBD oil is commonly used for pain management, anxiety, addiction treatment, and now in a drug used for childhood epilepsy. Clinical trials of Epidiolex have shown better results without the severe side effects of epilepsy drugs already on the market. The drug has now been approved for patients 2 and older. Of course this is significant for families battling this debilitating disorder, but it also could be a groundbreaking moment for the rest of us as well.

As our Orange County marijuana lawyers can explain, cannabis is still classified as a Schedule I narcotic. According to Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. Section 812, a drug is considered Schedule I if it meets three criteria:

1) It has high potential for abuse.
2) It has no currently accepted medical use.
3) Even under medical supervision, it lacks accepted safety standards.

Millions of Americans have come to understand that these three statements couldn’t be further from the truth in regards to cannabis. That is precisely why FDA approval of a CBD derived drug is so colossal. Now a federal agency has directly acknowledged the safety and efficacy of medical marijuana. It is predicted that now the Drug Enforcement Administration could reclassify cannabis within 90 days, though there is some question as to whether marijuana as a whole would be reclassified or only CBD.

In the past, FDA has approved drugs that attempt to mimic the effects of THC, for example in drugs that cancer patients use to fight nausea from their treatments. But we all know there’s no reason we can’t move past all the hysteria and start working with the real deal. Reclassifying marijuana would mean doctors would be more free to run more trials, perform tests to determine the proper dosages and strains for various treatments more freely, and the drug could be more seriously taught in medical schools. It also would finally legitimize the medical marijuana laws already in place in 29 states and Washington, D.C.

Californians have been able to enjoy the healing properties of medical marijuana for more than 20 years. Yet the federal government has waffled on declassifying or dropping cannabis to a lower schedule. Sometimes anecdotes, no matter how frequent or compelling, just aren’t enough to shift deeply engrained ideas. Our attorneys know FDA approval is a huge first step, but we still aren’t anywhere where we need to be as a country. Discussions about CBD that still demonize the effects of THC will continue to perpetuate old myths about marijuana and tropes about “stoners.” So long as such old-school propaganda continues to enter any serious conversation about marijuana, whether medical or recreational, our attorneys will be there to fight back with facts. We have your back with a variety of services that use our wealth of knowledge and experience, including helping entrepreneurs establish cannabis businesses, defending Californians against employers or landlords trying to infringe on rights, and assisting with criminal matters related to marijuana.

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