Long Beach Finally Passes Recreational Marijuana Business Policies

Long Beach will soon be the next city in Los Angeles County to embrace recreational marijuana business planmarijuana after its city council voted overwhelmingly to regulate industry operations. The council passed a series of amendments that will set guidelines for cultivators, testing labs, distributors, and dispensaries in the city, according to an article from Press-Telegram. The 7-1 vote reflected a strong support from council, with the support of the mayor as well as the residents who voted for Proposition 64 in November 2016.

City staffers estimate the move could bring in about $750,000 in taxes from recreational sales next year and a whopping $4.5 million from medical marijuana taxes. City officials also hope to stimulate the economy with a clause that requires collective-bargaining agreements with United Food and Commercial Workers 324, the union that represents cannabis workers, raising the bar on the quality of jobs provided by local establishments. Long Beach also joins other California cities in creating social equity programs, designed to lift up communities most harmed in the past by reckless marijuana law enforcement policies. Those who qualify will have certain fees waived, have their applications fast-tracked for review, get access to special workshops, and qualify for tax deferrals. Restrictions for the program include meeting certain income requirements. More specifically, a person would need to have less than $250,000 net worth and fall below 80 percent of the local median income. They also would have to have an arrest, conviction, or citation spurred by a marijuana-related offense before recreational marijuana was passed in the state. In lieu of legal troubles, a person could also qualify if they lived in a census tract of Long Beach in which more than half the population lived below 80 percent of the median income.

The city also has a network of rules they are putting in place in regards to licensing, how many dispensaries are allowed to operate, and where all operations are allowed to set up shop. This is where the help of an experienced attorney can make a big difference in how you manage your business. If you’re thinking of opening a new shop, setting up a consultation with one of our skilled Los Angeles marijuana business lawyers is the first step toward success. Our legal team knows the ins and outs of state and local laws, keeping up with changes that occur day by day, and can help you stay in compliance with those laws. This service alone takes a huge weight off your shoulders so you can focus on running your business with confidence knowing you don’t have to look over your shoulder for compliance officers. We also help you with the licensing and application processes, which you might not even realize often require more than just paperwork. Depending on the city, you likely will also have to appear before city council and planning commission for application reviews, a process which is much more relaxed with a knowledgeable attorney by your side.

Smart business owners seek out these services upfront so their operations are built on a solid foundation. Otherwise you might be seeking our help down the road to undo costly mistakes made in the beginning that can cause damage to your reputation and your business’s bottom line.

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