Medical Marijuana conference held in Orange County even as officials waste tax money fighting state law

The benefits of medical marijuana to aging seniors was touted at the Medical Cannabis Conference in Laguna Woods, UPI reported.

Our Orange County medical marijuana defense lawyers continue to be astounded that there is not more public outcry over the wasted tax dollars and time spent by grandstanding politicians on the medical marijuana issue. Voters resolved the medical marijuana issue almost 15 years ago. Children born that year are nearly adults.
The state nearly legalized all forms of marijuana with Proposition 19 last fall. Yet local politicians love the TV cameras and would rather argue about who might be smoking a joint than to close the billion-dollar-holes in their budgets or address the tough issues facing their cities.

As a result, the medical marijuana conference in Laguna Woods was held in an area where authorities are fighting the issues. Despite statewide legalization, Orange County bans dispensaries in unincorporated areas, as do San Clemente, Huntington Beach and a number of other cities.

As the Baby Boomers age, many will be afflicted with ailments for which medical marijuana is a legitimate treatment. Having already passed the law, they may be surprised to learn that their politicians have spent their tax dollars in a fight to make medical marijuana unavailable to the very same voters who both supported its legalization and have been forced to commit tax dollars so local lawmakers can argue against it in front of the television cameras.

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