More Bad Press For California Medical Marijuana Won’t Stop Industry

A recent mobile home fire in Michigan is catching heat after authorities say it was the site of a medical marijuana operation. The fire killed seven pets, the Detroit Free Press is reporting.

Bad press like this is the type of thing that hurts the Los Angeles medical marijuana industry because it gives uninformed people more reason to question the validity of the industry.
But while the naysayers continue their conquest to try to shut down this legal and helpful industry, our Los Angeles medical marijuana lawyers will continue to be dedicated to helping those who are trying to conform to the laws that California voters approved more than a decade ago.

According to a newspaper report, the house fire broke out one recent morning in a mobile home park in a town called Harrison. Fire department officials said that two grow lights were plugged into an outlet, which created an overload situation. The 34-year-old man who lived at the residence had a valid medical marijuana card.

The man and a woman, 50-years-old, were both able to escape once they smelled smoke. Two dogs, three ferrets and two cats died in the fire, officials said. A dog, which was found hiding inside the home survived after firefighters were able to put out the blaze. The trailer was destroyed in the fire.

In other cases of a house fire, people likely would feel sympathetic for homeowners who lose possessions in an accidental blaze. But if medical marijuana is mentioned, some in the community will look to the incident with a different point of view.

Others might chime in that it is a prime example of what is wrong with the medical marijuana industry, that clearly that was the reason for the tragedy and therefore all medical marijuana should be eradicated. There are extreme opinions on both sides of the issue. But our medical marijuana lawyers know that industry officials and patients alike will continue fighting for what’s right.

What’s right is that California voters overwhelmingly wanted medical marijuana legalized and did so in 1996. Since then, the industry has come under fire not only from anti-marijuana groups, including the federal government, but also local leaders who are misinformed about the facts of marijuana and its uses for cancer and other debilitating diseases.

But supporters will continue to fight for their rights, which include the legal cultivation, dispensary and use of marijuana for those who have the prescribed right to do so. While there is an ugly black market for drug sales and use, the same can be said for prescription drugs, gun manufacturing and other industries that don’t come under the same pressure.

Hopefully we will see the day when lawmakers, law enforcement personnel and others in power see medical marijuana not only as a legal business, but one that has enormous benefits for its citizens. Through major tax contributions and helping the sick, this industry does far more good than bad.

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