New App for Medical Marijuana Delivery in California

There are smartphone for apps for everything these days. According to a recent article from Tech Crunch, a new startup company in San Francisco has an app for medical marijuana users. The company requires users to upload their California identification card or a valid driver’s license and physician’s recommendation letter.

mobile-phone-in-hand-1438232-2-m.jpgThe patient information database is said to be completely secure and HIPAA-complaint and can be used whenever users log on to the app, so there is only a need to upload this information when signing up for an account.

The medical marijuana app lets patients in California see pictures of the marijuana they wish to order and make a selection. Once placing an order, the medical marijuana patients should receive a home delivery within one hour of placing an order. This is helpful to those are too sick to go to a dispensary or don’t have a care provider to go for them.

As of this time, the company does not have deals with any particular dispensaries, though they hope that will come in the future. The company founders say one of their main goals is to show lawmakers and others that there can be a lawful marketplace for medical cannabis products without any danger to society, as opponents of medical marijuana have often threatened would be the case.

As our attorneys in Orange County who represent clients in the medical marijuana industry can discuss, there are a lot of opportunities for those interested in entering the market, but it is very important to stay within the lines of the ever-changing legal boundaries.

It is also important to work with an attorney to establish a business plan that fits within the legal framework to give new ventures a greater chance of financial success. While there has been a very positive change in public attitudes and a lesser, but still positive acceptance by some lawmakers, there are still many challenges to running a successful dispensary or cultivation center.

A lot of the problems faced by those in the medical marijuana industry are caused by general disorganization and can be corrected with proper counseling. An example of this disorganization cited by the startup company representative is that it is very hard for them to provide app users with a current inventory, because many collectives do not have adequate methods to track and report current inventory.

Now that medical marijuana companies are becoming more successful, it is important to implement modern logistics, accounting and point-of-sale technology, as other profitable companies have done in other industries.

One area of assistance often needed by those wishing to form a medical marijuana cooperative in California involves navigating the complex requirements for establishing a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation in accordance with state law. Under California law, a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation can be used to form a storefront collective, mobile dispensary, or a delivery service such as the one featured in this article.

HIPPA compliance and compliance with other state and federal laws is another area in which having an attorney who regularly represents those in the medical marijuana industry can be of considerable help.

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