Oregon Puts Recreational Marijuana to Vote in November

Nationwide, states are taking on complicated legislative questions regarding marijuana use. Should medical marijuana be legalized? How will the marijuana business be regulated? Should recreational use be legalized? Oregon will be the third state in the country to take on the question of legalization as it puts recreational use to the vote in November. According to the Huffington Post, a spokesperson for the Secretary of State confirmed that Initiative Petition 53 has qualified for the November ballot.


If the law passes, adults over 21 in Oregon would be allowed to possess up to 8 ounces of marijuana at home and one ounce of marijuana when in public. Our Orange County marijuana law attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals and entities involved in the California legal marijuana business. In addition to compliance and regulatory matters, our firm is committed to staying abreast of marijuana law in the state and nationwide. We provide counsel, support, and advocacy to marijuana investors, business owners, and individuals who have the legal right to possess or use marijuana.

The initiative was submitted by a Portland-based marijuana policy reform group known as New Approach Oregon. The group collected more than 87,000 signatures before turning it over to the Secretary of State’s office who verified the signatures. If Oregon residents approve the measure, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission would be charged with regulating and monitoring the industry. Analysts see the initiative as running parallel to the legalization and regulatory model used in Washington State.

One of the benefits to legalization is the increase in tax revenues that can be collected on marijuana sales. The legalization measure mandates that tax revenues collected on marijuana would be distributed to schools, drug prevention and education programs, as well as increase revenue spent on law enforcement. Given the political climate in Oregon, analysts predict that the measure will pass. Recent polls show that 57% of voters in Oregon would support the legalization of recreational marijuana use.

Though recreational pot use is not legal yet in the state of Oregon, pot has already been decriminalized and legalized for medical use. John Kitzhaber, Democrat and Governor of Oregon has publicly stated his support for recreational marijuana use. Taking into consideration the positive reverberations from Washington and Colorado, the state is following the lead and entering into the legal and regulated marijuana market. Crafting comprehensive and thorough marijuana legislation can clarify rights and obligations, identify tax liabilities, and ensure that the state is not subject to federal intervention.

While most states are considering or have already passed some form of marijuana laws, Oregon, is one of a handful of states that is considering full-on legalization. In the fall, Alaska voters will determine whether recreational marijuana should be legalized for adults. In the biggest year of marijuana reform to date, the shift towards legalization has proven epic. With states following in the path of Colorado and Washington, it is likely that even more will follow in 2016. Some see the marijuana reform debate as a pivotal point in the 2016 presidential race.

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