Sean Parker Releases Proposed New Initiative to Legalize Marijuana in California in 2016

With myriad competing proposals for marijuana legalization ballot initiatives in California, one more player entering the game may not seem like good news. However, this time the person putting forth a proposal is Sean Parker. Parker disrupted the music industry with the invention of Napster, and is a major player in the technology industry. He is also a billionaire who can put a significant amount of money behind his proposed legislation. cannabis-leaves-affected-by-wind-burn-1616160.jpg

Because of the clout that Sean Parker’s name carries and the money he brings to the table, the SF Gate reports that his proposal “ignites California marijuana legalization.” An article on Parker’s proposed initiative also indicates that he could soon be upending another industry.

What Does the New Proposal to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Include?

Parker’s proposal is called the Control, Regulate, and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act. The proposal would end the prohibition on recreational cannabis use in the state of California. It would make it legal for adults to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and would permit people to grow as many as six marijuana plants.

While cities would be given broad authority to regulate marijuana, small, secure, and personal indoor gardens would not be overburdened by legislation or subject to onerous regulation under the new proposal. The proposal also overlaps with the new statewide medical cannabis regulations, although it streamlines some of the provisions of the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA).

The new initiative from Parker is being described as “upending” the playing field, because Parker’s wealth is the first substantial amount of money that will come into play in the 2016 race. Others with competing proposals have far less funding, which is a problem when it is projected as much as $20 million will be necessary to get a ballot measure successfully passed.

The Lieutenant Governor of California, who chaired a Blue Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy, has indicated support for Parker’s measure. He stated he is pleased the “thoughtful measure is aligned with the Blue Ribbon Commission’s recommendations and presents California its best opportunity to improve the status quo.” The ballot measure is also being described as a consensus measure, backed by the largest coalition of supporters of any proposed ballot measure to date. The California Cannabis Industry Association has also spoken out in favor of Parker’s initiative.

Los Angeles marijuana lawyers know that regulations of the medical marijuana industry have been created by local municipalities and a patchwork of laws have existed for two decades, leading to legal confusion, before the MMRSA was finally passed 20 years after medical marijuana was first legalized by popular vote.

The same thing should not happen with recreational use. The ballot measure that brings legalization to California should allow for the creation of a regulatory framework that is actually effective, so growers, sellers, and marijuana users can be confident of both their rights and responsibilities. Hopefully, a measure will pass and it will contain the necessary language and details to achieve this important goal.

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